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We're so blessed to be able to bring this music to the world, the people we work with have so much talent and whether they're new artists or old, we genuinely cherish the opportunity to work alongside them and help get their music out to as many people as possible. 

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RL - 'Another Night'. 

C0-produced and written alongside longtime collaborator Brian B-Flat Cook, 'Another Night' is RL's first single since his 2020 release of 'The Letter J'. 

The single is taken from his forthcoming album and can be streamed and downloaded on all major platforms. 

Jewli - 'I Put In Work'.

The first single from Maryland rapper, Jewli found itself featured on numerous Spotify playlists and featured in various publications. 

The song was produced by long time collaborator Chevy Woods and the video was released a week after the single. 

The song can be found on all major platforms and the video streaming on YouTube. 

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Yögi - 'Savage Children'.

Up and coming producer and long time DJ, Yögi put out his first release in 2021. Savage Children leaned back to the 90's, bootlegging a couple of tracks and being released unofficially as a free download on SoundCloud. 

Layering vocals over the top of an already masterfully remixed song, Yögi recreates the euphoric feeling first felt when the original dropped.

As mentioned, the song is available for free over on SoundCloud and the video (which was taken down off YouTube), can be seen on our media page.

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Jewli - The Ye.

The second release from Maryland rapper, Jewli. 

'The Ye' slows down the unique rappers flow and takes you with him on a ride through a new chapter in his Aberdeen story. 

The DMX influenced single, illustrates another side to Jewli's ever growing talent and is available everywhere now. 

The Rxnaways - Famous Lowlife

"Heavy sound-design and gritty, focused lyrical outpourings – The Rxnaways recraft the style of the genre with this creative and intentional new single"...

Say no more. 

'Famous Lowlife' is available on all platforms, now. 

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