The One Collection.

The One Collection.

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The 'One' Collection is an ultra limited print set that comprises of five 1 of 1, hand customized pieces taken from our 'Refraction' Collection. 


Each print will be unique and may involve handwritten lyrics and other media types or anything that rÖse feels will bring the print alive, as he takes inspiration from the person in the picture and their legacy. 


As previously mentioned, there will be one of each print...1 Pac, 1 BIG, 1 Nips, 1 Cube and 1 Ra. The pieces will never be available again, they are 1 of 1. 


The pieces will also not be seen until they are complete and there will be no refunds on any puchased. 


They will be A2, are printed on Kodak Metallic Paper and will be signed and numbered. 


Please mention which print you would like when ordering. 


Eminence x



    If an item from the One Collection arrives damaged we will refund or discount the purchase and a return can be made.

    As mentioned though, there are otherwise no returns on any of the pieces.


    Our limited edition prints can take up to five days to be printed and inspected. We then ship First Class and Recorded to the UK and Worldwide. 

    Our 1 of 1 pieces take a little longer as they are customised uniquely once they reach us. We request 2-3 days on top of typical waiting and post times with these prints.

    Please take into account the printing time before you place an order. 

VAT Included