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Throwback Summer...

Maryland native, Jewli, unleashes new single, 'I Put In Work'.

Eminence Records are proud and excited to announce the new single from Maryland rapper, Jewli. Released through Eminence and distributed via ALoaded, 'I Put in Work' is the talented rapper's lead single from his forthcoming EP and the first official release since signing a new record deal with the UK based label.

A student of the game, Jewli has crafted his art into something that uniquely brings back memories of the 90's whilst also allowing his sound to stay current, ensuring that he can bring his signature style to audiences and demographics of all ages.

'I Put in Work' was written by Jewli and produced by longtime collaborator, Chevy Jordan. The song encapsulates the story, feelings and struggle he went through during a difficult period in his life that involved prison, work and the people closest to him, letting him down.

"I was working two jobs and had to spend every weekend back at the prison, the song is my way of telling that story and knowing that when I put that work in, it'd lead to a better place for me".

Prior to releasing 'I Put in Work', Jewli spent his time perfecting his craft, the new single perfectly illustrating his lyrical ability and also his love of nodding back to the legends of rap, their gifts and the way they've helped mould Jewli into the artist he is today.

With further new releases coming in the next two months, Jewli also finds himself putting the finishing touches to his new EP and with a catalogue full of highlights ready for the world to hear, the recipe for success shouldn't be too difficult to find.

More recently, Jewli released a free track available for download on SoundCloud, honouring DMX after his death. 'How This Goes' reimagined the classic Swizz Beatz production and song, 'Ruff Ryders Anthem'…

"I'd recorded the song previously, but after DMX passed, it seemed a fitting way to show how much he'd touched my life alongside so many other people, he was a true legend and will be so sorely missed".

Jewli's smooth flow which is laced with knowledge beyond his years, show's an artist ready to bring his experience of life and the industry to a world ready to hear it and a genre ready for an injection of something new.

While social distancing measures prompted by Covid-19 made touring difficult in 2020, Jewli's looking forward to performing “I Put In Work” alongside his previous releases and new music in the summer of 2021.

In the meantime, his new release can be found on all digital streaming platforms from May 14th via Eminence Records.

The presave link for the single, can be found below alongside video and social links.

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