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METROFEST...The best festival you might not have heard of... yet.


If we started asking you questions about what your dream festival line up would be, as an R'n'B head, and old school R'n'B head, what names would you come up with?

We're pretty sure that some of those names, will be performing at London's first, and we'd go as far as to say - the UK's first - 'proper' R'n'B and Hip Hop festival, 'Metrofest' in Trent Park on Sunday 8th August 2021.

Hosted by Captial Xtra Reloaded, the main stage is set to feature a plethora...yes, plethora, of R&B and Hip Hop legends.

As you look at the line up, you begin to understand and recognise just how special this event is. Eminence, as a record label, is built on a foundation - a love - for music and artists just like the one's performing at Metrofest.

Headlined by the inimitable Fat Joe, who's new single 'Sunshine' has been on repeat in the office for a while now, is joined by Ruff Ryders Queen, Eve.

Lining up next to them is a who's who of New Jack Swing, 90's and early 00's R&B...

Jon B brings his signature flow and style to the stage gracing the crowd with classic cuts from his albums 'Cool Relax' and 'Pleasures U Like'. We really can't wait, to see the crowd go wild as soon as 'Don't Talk' drops.

Horace Brown - yes, THE Horace Brown - will be there to remind us that its always been 'One For The Money', BlackStreet are there, Mya...the list goes on and on. For lovers of the culture and the genre, there isn't anything that the festival doesn't have.

Oh as if we didn't mention Bobby V and Wayne Marshall too...I mean come on, there isn't a part of this line up where anyone can sit there and say "Nah, think I'll skip that". It is just TOO GOOD.

Summer has never looked as good as this and after the 14 months everyone has had to endure due to Civid and the restrictions we've had to try and live by, Metrofest is the celebration to end all celebrations.

On first glance it might seem like the main stage would be good enough, and to be totally honest, it really would. But that's not where the fun ends.

DJ's Mike Panteli, Firin' Squad and Collin Francis are there to spin some vibes and keep the mood going when you're not pushing towards the front of the main stage...with the best hype man this side of Flavour Flav, Fatman Scoop hosting. This is not forgetting, the one and only, Tony Touch also gracing the festival with his presence.

Metrofest isn't only about music though, in the Comedy Shack guests have the opportunity to catch Richard Blackwood doing his thing, with the likes of Dizzle, Kat and Kevin J also joining in the fun.

We were going to say that if you need a break, it's a perfect spot...then again, I'm sure some sides are going to be split in there.

It really seems like this is the festival that we've all been waiting for, literally for years. The organisers clearly understand us as a 'family' and understand the culture better than, personally, I've seen before in festival organisers. In our opinion, they've put together a show, with something for everyone. They didn't just sit down one day and say "Who's the most popular acts out there today in R&B and Hip Hop", they developed a concept, an idea, turned it into reality and that reality is what some see as the perfect 90's R&B/Hip Hop festival. The UK has missed this for years. Us lot here haven't been as excited about anything like this for a really long time. If at all.

Adding to the main acts, the comedy, the R&B, the Hip Hop, there's the Jungle Mania area, the DLT where rising stars and talent will be showcasing their ability, food, a VIP area. We're literally sat shaking our heads as Stu types this because we're almost certain we still can't believe this is a real thing.

Eminence is incredibly fortunate that we've been granted special access to the event, where we'll be talking to guests, catching the artists and getting a whole bunch of photos ready for the first issue of our up coming magazine.

We really don't think there is a better and more positive feature we could have as a part of issue 1. A truly special event for all of us.

Tickets have been selling out super fast so hit up to secure yours now. All of Metrofest's social are below, so do them a favour...and yourself...and go give them a follow.

All of us at Eminence really can't wait (if you couldn't tell).

We'll see you there.

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