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Jewli drops second single, 'The Ye' via UK Hip Hop label Eminence Records.

'The Ye' finds Jewli slowing the pace and invoking the spirit of DMX on his latest release.

Building on the success of his most recent single, ‘I Put In Work’, Maryland rapper Jewli returns with his latest slice of irrepressible and enchanting hip hop in the form of ‘The Ye’.

Flipping the energy of his first release, but still holding the power to highlight his unique and indelible flow, ’The Ye’ is an ode to a certain green plant, a lost Summer and a burning desire to succeed.

The song begins with deep and subdued keys before breaking into a guitar riff which plays alongside the beat itself, creating an echoing and haunting instrumental, reminiscent of Mobb Deep. Produced once again by longtime collaborator, Chevy Woods, the song is a perfect example of artist and producer being in tune with each other.

Showing his versatility, the song begins with Jewli giving a taste of his vocal range before sliding effortlessly into his signature style of rap. Known for his witty and intelligent lyrics, ‘The Ye’ doesn’t disappoint when it comes to his tipping of the hat to other artists out there.

Invoking the spirit of DMX, the song nods to the Earl Simmons classic ‘How’s It Goin’ Down’, flipping the script and turning the rap classic into an atmospheric love letter.

“Whilst the song is kinda about some great bud, when I first heard the beat it just did something to me and I realised I had a chance to bring a little ‘phunk’ back for all the hip hop heads. Lockdown was going off and most of my time was spent working, smoking and plotting the future…’The Ye’ is the result of that”.

With his fondness clear to see, his belief in the music and that special bond between artist and producer hitting the spot, ‘The Ye’ continues once again, to highlight Jewli’s incredible skill at fashioning his experience into lyrics and music and not being here to follow trends.

Released through independent UK Hip Hop and R&B label, Eminence Records, ‘The Ye’ is the first in a double header of singles from Jewli, his next being released in September.

With music flowing and a new album in the works, Jewli is fast cementing himself as one of Hip Hop’s most exciting and intriguing talents.

'The Ye' is available on all major streaming services now.

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