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Here we have the people that breathe life into Eminence past the people who run it. As we've mentioned before, the label was given life, for artists. These are the people we class as and call, family. They are some of the most talented individuals we've had the pleasure of working with, got to know and more importantly to us, given the chance to help them change their life and live their dream. 

For further information on any of the label's artists, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



93 'til Infinity...

Hailing from Maryland, Jewli has been perfecting his art for most of his life. At 15 he'd already been signed by the management company LMG and at 17 signed his first deal.

The first album he dropped (through another label) sold 3000 copies worldwide and showed people just what he was about. Jewli returned to his native Maryland and continued to write and record, crafting tales of life, love and all in between.

Gifted with the ability to rap and sing, he has a style that binds the old and the new, those golden days of 90's hip hop, bringing that flavour and flow to a whole new generation.

We feel so incredibly lucky that he chose Eminence as the place to grow, to realise his dreams and fulfil every ounce of potential we know and believe he has.

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Feels like a family reunion...

St Louis cousins Brendan and Stephen Carter, better known by their monikers ‘DoDi’ and ‘B Wxnda’, have spent the last few years spreading their high energy messages about living wild and believing in yourself, through their love of hip hop.

Conversations between the boys and one of their closest advisors, led to a "go for it" email and as the old adage goes, the rest is history. 

For us at Eminence, the best thing about the situation hasn't just been the fact that Dode and B are so talented, it's that we're all on such a similar wavelength. When it comes to working with people, it's a blessing when you're all on the same page, it allows each person's dream, to feel that more real and alive. 

Taking inspiration from artists such as Kanye, Big Sean and Rae Sremmurd, The Rxnaways are ready to take on the world and it's an honour, that they chose to do it with us. 

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Baby when we're grindin'...

A member of the multi-platinum selling, 8 time Billboard Award recipient R&B group, NEXT, Eminence are extremely proud to be the label that RL chose to work with when releasing new music.

A pedigree that no one could argue over, RL has had a career spanning two decades, that's included numerous hit singles, both with NEXT and as a solo artist and the opportunity to help craft unforgettable songs for artists including Usher, Luther Vandross, Jaheim and Jamie Foxx.


Moving into the next stage of his career, RL is still that immutable talent, but grown, focusing on that 'real R&B', that "new Minneapolis sound". Enjoying the work on music that brings back memories for people, brings them closer together and more importantly, makes them smile and remember why they fell in love R&B and Soul in the first place. 

We're really honoured to have L as part of the Eminence family and we can't wait to show you what's coming pun intended. We're sorry. It just happened. 

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Byron Tonéz

One for the money, two for the show...

You only drop a Horace Brown line in, when you know the talent can stand up to it...and By...that's the talent.


Hailing from the epicentre of RnB and Hip Hop, Georgia, Byron has fought hard to keep moving forward in an industry that is often, so hard to crack.

With the help of his mentor Samuel Bonner Jr, he has  persevered, releasing his latest EP, 'Therapy' late in 2020.


When it comes to Byron and Eminence, it took a chance encounter on social media.

We heard his voice and that was it...we're not quite sure that the boss has ever been that excited in his life?

We could talk all day about how incredible his voice is, but we'd rather just tell you to go search for him in all the usual places.

Byron embodies so much of Eminence and what the label is about.

Someone who never let obstacles block or deter him from his dream and his goal. Someone who wants to use his talent to provide for his family.

That's Byron and that's Eminence.

Aside from everything above though...DAMN, that boy can sing!!

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If you go down in the woods today...

Spending over 25 years doing something, changes you...

It takes you from being 'someone who likes doing something', to a pro. 

DJ, producer, remixer...they all apply when it comes to conversation about Yögi. His first bootleg release, 'Savage Children', gained traction and recognition, showing the world, just what he was capable of.

Mixing speed garage memories, house sensibilities and liquid vibes, there's nothing this guy can't touch with his talent.