Passion, not profit.

Remember the film ‘Jerry Maguire’? 

Jerry's a sports agent and at the beginning of the film, something happens that makes him feel so disillusioned with the industry he writes a mission statement. A passioned plea, as to what is wrong with the industry and where he thinks it needs to be…

He then gets fired, but you see where I'm going with this.


It’s not only recording artists, singers and songwriters and so many others who have become lost and broken by an industry that has spent years destroying any credibility it once had.

It’s not always the case that the ‘Big 6’ were ran by the wrong types, but it can’t be denied that there were lots of people out there, who were only in it to exploit people and get what they could for themselves. We all know the horror stories, the disgusting contracts, the heartbreak, the people who helped mangle and ruin promising careers.

I came into the business to see if, in a small way, I could help change that. Start small, show people that there is a place for a label still, for A&R, for managers who would bleed for their guys.

That’s us.

My goal since I was a kid, was to have a label. To try and get music out there I loved and knew others would too, to help people change their lives and live their dreams. Not for a minute have I ever thought that people shouldn’t be rewarded for that…why should a label take so much from people?! Why is always profit over passion? In my eyes, there’s no reason for it. 

Yes, a label needs to cover costs, we all know that and in that respect, that’s fair and that’s business. But when and if the profits from sales start, there’s no reason that the artist shouldn’t get the lion’s share. Eminence will always need to make their money, so we can reinvest in our artists and releases, but with that, our artists will always, always, be looked after and that’s what’s paramount to me and us. 

We want a family, people we believe in as much as they believe in themselves, that’s why there’s still room for labels. Yes, people can do so much themselves nowadays, but I can’t imagine that it’s not amazing to have someone with tears of adrenaline in their eyes when they hear a new song, that in a moment changes their life. Trust me, it happens. Then to have those people work tirelessly to help you go from where you thought you were, to where we all know you should be.

Eminence is predominantly an R'n'B, Soul, Hip Hop and House label. We look for unsigned artists, established artists or developing talent that want to take it up to the next step, or maybe back to an old step they were once at. The main story behind this, is that I've been a HUGE Hip Hop, Soul and R'n'B head for about 30 years, so when it came time to start developing the idea of Eminence and through it's early conception, it dawned on me that the music I should, and would love, to work around is the music I've adored for practically my whole life. We welcome interest from people outside of those genres (2 of us are house DJ's) but our knowledge, heart and soul and passion lies within those magical sounds. If you're a producer, maybe a singer or songwriter, a rapper who knows they've got it or maybe the next R'n'B superstar, give us a shout, maybe we could make some of that magic.

So this is us, Eminence Records, a home for artists to be welcomed, to be looked after and cared for, to fulfil their biggest dreams, to know that the people working with them are standing side by side, always having their back and their best interests at heart.

S x

Woman with Vinyl


Get any demo's, WIP's, complete songs, anything at all over to demos@eminencemusicgroup.com

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